#12. [Review & Swatch] VDL Expert color lip cube spf10: Rose wood 502

Hi girls, today Im gonna take a review my latest lipstick, it s called VDL  expert color lip cube with spf 10, the color is Rose wood – number 502


This sweetie has a very solid and compact package and a very unique square shape. I totally love the very closed cap, it s not easily flaked when I put at the bottom of my bag… and travel around. Because I have some experiences with Korean lipsticks that their lipstick caps are quite loose and easily to flake out when you carry it in your bag and move around.
Moreover, the lipstick is quite longer than the normals and this gives me a convenient using. I can easily control the lipstick. 
At the first time, I am not familiar with the square lipstick, but Im sure you will find it more easier to apply on your lip .. like I do. It seems like…don’t look just try ! 😀 
Of course there are a lot of details printing on the lipstick box. 
For summary, this sweetie has a very gorgeous look.

Color and the texture.

It s quite similar to MAC satin texture with Mac mocha color. I love this color a lot. It works very well on my lips. The color is super natural. It makes my lips look more westernised, more fulfil … I love it so much and It s 100% daily wearable!
The VDL texture is smoothy and creamy. It also has a very lightly rose smelt which I like a lot. 


The longlast is acceptable. It lasts 3 hours when I do not eat anything, the color gives smear on the edge of the cup when I drink something. And after that I definitely reapply my lipstick.
Whenever I eat heavy meals, the color almost fade away but it still remains some pigments on my lips. And it s super natural!!! 



This is gorgeous to me and I m 100% sure to buy more colors of VDL lipsticks

My natural lip color after I remove the lipstick (VDL rosewood)

Thanks for reading girls ^^

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